"Hi Nancy,

I don't know how to thank you for the five pieces of artwork you made for me and my partner. Truly, there is no gift that celebrates our little Evi like the paintings you made from her hand and foot prints. I know each grandparent who received one of these paintings, like myself, will look on theirs with teary eyes and an ache in their hearts at how fleeting and precious the early moments are in the life of a new baby. It brought me great satisfaction to give these encapsulating paintings as gifts, for they are in essence irreplaceable, priceless, and each utterly unique. The process of making the prints was hilariously chaotic and fun, and the anticipation of waiting to see what you made of the prints was almost as good as seeing the actual finished product. Like the art you make, what you gave us is beyond words and concepts, tapping into the most vibrant of all forms of energy: love. Thank you, Nancy, for being who you are, and creating what you do. Warmest regards, Casey, Brian, and Evi

P.S. My sister's son's grandparents loved their painting as well. Grandma Suzy said it was one of the most thoughtful gifts they'd received. My sister's only complaint was that I didn't have one made for her. Thank goodness her birthday is still to come!"

Casey C., 2011

“I appreciate your fine flute and piccolo contributions on the recording. Thank you very much." Steve Hall, 2009 "I want to thank Nancy Goldberg for her beautiful flute and Piccolo on 'The Big One' and 'Riverside Strut'."

Steve Hall, 2008

"Nancy Goldberg successfully taught a non-credit, community college, community education creative arts course called 'Art, A Spontaneous Emotion,' for seven terms, beginning spring term 1994 through fall term 1995. Nancy brought a contagious spirit and imparted love for creating art to her students. Those same students responded with positive evaluations of her work. It has been a pleasure working with her."

Ed Kaiel, N/NE/Cascade Campus Coordinator, 1996

“I want to thank you for teaching a wonderful and unique class. Because of your encouragement and insight I feel I have grown tremendously as an artist. I have taken several art classes over the years, but yours is the only one with the objective of helping the student to paint from her soul. Again, I have enjoyed your class and look forward to taking more classes from you through Portland Community College."

Linda B. Atwill, 1994

“Thank you for a wonderful class. I hope you are teaching at Grant again in the fall. The energy, encouragement and ‘emotion’ you have put into the class has been an inspiration."

Peggy Lyons, 1994

"I met Nancy Goldberg by surprise. I was invited to the Boulevard Cafe on a Friday night last fall where Nancy was singing and her husband Phillip was playing jazz piano. When Nancy sang I was mesmerized. Her singing took me to a special place where one feels touched and inspired. Besides being a talented singer, Nancy is an artist whose work is breathtaking. I saw an exhibit of her work at the downtown Beard's gallery. I also had the opportunity to see the collection of her work displayed in her home. Her colors, depth, and wide range of expression are outstanding. I am proud to own one of her works. I am further pleased with the private art lessons my eleven year old daughter, Margot, had with Nancy over winter vacation. The lessons enhanced her self-confidence and her love of art. I look forward to Margot spending more time with Nancy. I am pleased to write this letter in praise of Nancy Goldberg. In the arts of singing, painting and teaching Nancy is gifted, talented, and an inspiration to know."

Gloria Feves, 1994

"I really enjoyed having art lessons from you. I think you are very talented in what you do. I really liked the therapy art, lighting and shading. You are the best art teacher I've taken lessons from." Margot Feves, 1994 "Nancy Goldberg is a fine, swinging vocalist with a fine song book"

Willamette Week, 1993

"Portland Polymath"

Downtowner Magazine, 1992